Our Team


Popularizer, social activist, public speaker and lecturer in schools, companies and institutions.

His website www.lelejandon.blogspot.it contains 40 short essays (on various social issues) equipped by splendid images (photographs and works of art).

He graduated at the Liceo Classico (High School focused on Classical studies and Humanities) of Conegliano (Treviso, close to Venice), with final score 100/100.

Afterwards, he got his degrees in Philosophy (maximum score 100 cum Laude) both at historical Padua University and “Vita-Salute” San Raffaele University in Milan.


Film-maker, he got his degree in Video-Editing at I.E.D. (Istituto Europeo di Design, European Institute of Design) of Milan. He is the director of © "Il Cinema e i Diritti" (Cinema and Rights).

He is author of four documentary-movies, three of which have already been screened during the “cinetalk” at CinéMagenta63 c/o Institut Français Milan:

  • Time Travel Driving a Trabant” (reportage about GDR in Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden).
  • Donkeys and Geese: Incredible Real Stories” (reportage from various European sites)
  • Goats, Dogs and Cats: Incredible Real Stories” (reportage from Edinburgh’s Greyfriars Bobby historical sites and from Athen’s where many dogs are being left homeless).


Together with us, at the reception, you will find to welcome You and at Your service during the Finger Buffet break, Irene (at the book-zone), and the careful Stefano (who will make you enter the theater hall and is also official photographer of the events).

In the meanwhile, at the direction of the screening room, the precise Carlo is at work.