Our Own Format

               OUR MAGIC FORMULA

Our Format © "Il Cinema e i Diritti" (Cinema and Rights) is articulated in various moments:

  • Hospitality: welcoming the audience/guests;
  • Free consulting of the books in exhibition, conversation with music and drink;
  • Entering the cinema hall;
  • Screening of the opening (initials which show a mix of scenes of the movies);
  • Initial lecture by Lele Jandon;
  • Dialogue with the Guest (with picture gallery);
  • Quick audience interventions;
  • Screening of the documentary movie of our own production;
  • Finger food buffet break (offered by our Sponsors): dialogue, guest acquaintance, autographs, book selling;
  • Screening of the main movie;
  • Lele Jandon is awaiting at the exit to greet you one by one.